Lachrymae Rerum

from by Iapetus

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A precious gift, this mortal heart;
To feel a tear from deep within.
To taste a kiss for which must part;
To know the emptiness of sin.

Taste once more, pale skin.
Memorize every inch.

A distant place,
Ahead of time,
In which all things are revealed.
Bound within a pageless spine;
The words erased, the book is sealed.

Taste once more, a final breath.
Memorize her kiss.

Know that this is the last time.
Know there is no forever.
Take all the time you can.
For this has already passed.

I remember every moment, as if etched into the world;
Precious gifts too often ignored.
I still feel every sensation of flesh, every gentle breath, every quivering lip bathed in sunset.
I still feel the warm sun, dying in the sky,
Cradled by the shrouding darkness of the night.
I still feel the rays of morning light
Caressing the flesh of all life.

A pale wind deceives the innocent and their enlivened dream.
A true loves kiss binds the time to freeze in memory.
A wretched scowl adorns the faces of unfortunate fates.
From lover’s arms torn the dream, weaved and misbelieved.

From divinity is bred the sickly, severed mortal fiend.
In their image wrought the fatal, final misguided dream.
An earthly poison for which there exists no single cure.
Now burning in the flames of our destined failure.

A mother made divine, a father waiting patiently;
A child's name decided, hope will be their empathy.
Inside the womb we find an unborn fetus, in now a tomb.
A prayer for mercy echoes inside an empty vacant room.

From desperation is bred a hopeless mortal fiend.
And has once again wrought the fatal, final misguided dream.
The poison spreads, for there exists no single, silent cure.
Destined to drown in the oceans of our failure.

In moments of uncertainty,
When all seems in vain,
Cherish every single misguided dream.
The thoughts of feeble minds.
The love of a fragile heart.
Come so close.
But go too far.

Time will pass on.
With or without us.
Cherish all there is.
Cherish all we are.


from The Long Road Home, released March 14, 2017



all rights reserved



"Sculpt for me a sea of cosmos..."

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