My Father, My God

from by Iapetus

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This is a revelation: I am waiting here to die.
Hanging and bloodied; the apple of my Father’s eye.
An ample carnal offering to forever sate his ire;
The emaciation of the soul, the evisceration of desire.

“But my children! My children, mourn not my battered flesh;
Cover thine eyes from the blood of reality;
In harmony and agony, my grace will guide you through;
To comfort you, within you; to punish you, become you.”

My eyes peel open, I’m met with a mirror of black;
This lack of divine, no light shining back.
Withering image of flesh and bone, earth and stone;
The cave has been opened, can I step outside?
The sun illuminates truth; I close my eyes.

“My children! My children, gather now around;
Bear witness to this martyrdom; the lamb of god,
Slaughtered on this maternal ground.
Stakes pierce the flesh, my blood is freed for you;
She drinks my blood for you!”

Why? Show me reason why my loving Father, so benevolent,
Requires the sacrifice of his only son.
What father desires the pain of his own spawn?

What love warrants the suffering of anyone?

I look to the crowd to seek their approval;
But they bark and they snarl and lust at my removal.
They condemn like Gods! Yet they wield no power.
And such is humanity; “Why embrace, when we can devour?”

I now am helpless, nothing, free; sunlight pours in;
Cosmic vastness, revelation;
Death, the only end.
Now that I can see, I close my eyes forever;
I feel that void; feel hysterical laughter.
I hear the voices of the dead, and the irony in their calls;
Now that they can see, there’s nothing to see at all.

My Father, my father, progenitor you cannot be;
This flesh is the summation of all that I am, all I shall ever be.
My Father, my God,
Why have you forsaken me?


from The Long Road Home, released March 14, 2017



all rights reserved



"Sculpt for me a sea of cosmos..."

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