Savior Solitude

from by Iapetus

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O! Savior Solitude,
Soldier of Serenity,
Seek me out in the thickets of despair,
Surround my body; sink your teeth into my neck,
I have succumbed to your bludgeoning silence.

“Oh, my venom is swift; let the silence drown you.”

Savior Solitude,
I surrender myself to your serpentine embrace.
Strangle me in your shimmering coils,
Offer me your monolith hand, pull me from abandonment.

“My grip is everlasting; let me ease your pain.”

Protector of the desolate,
I have been frigid with desertion.
Craft for me a blinding sun to liquify the ice,
Sculpt for me a sea of cosmos,
Where I am as everyone.

Guardian of the unwanted,
Rip out the nails of my rejection.

“I am more radiant than the sun of suns...”

Plunge your claws into my chest,
Find a home there, in my heart.
You are the single one to hear it beat.

“...I am the spinner, and the web shall be spun.”

“I am your God and this is your rapture; your sorrow has always been my home.”

Savior Solitude,
Soldier of Eternity,
Stay by my side,
For there is no one else.
With my final breath,
I shall whisper only to you.

“I am your God and this is your rapture; your sorrow has always been my home.”


from The Long Road Home, released March 14, 2017



all rights reserved



"Sculpt for me a sea of cosmos..."

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