The Long Road Home

by Iapetus

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elax This album is in constant rotation for 2 months now. You can feel every bit of skill, love and passion that went into this masterpiece of a record. 10/10 Favorite track: Lachrymae Rerum.
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digital_canuck this record is soulfull and majestic, elegant and daring all while managing to be a technical whirlwind Favorite track: Lachrymae Rerum.
Alex Broadbent
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Alex Broadbent setting the favorite track from this album is so unfair. This one imo, best represents what you can find on this masterpiece Favorite track: Savior Solitude.
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  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    - 4-panel CD Digipak of "The Long Road Home"

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released March 14, 2017

[Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Arrangements – Matthew Cerami]
[Keyboards, Additional Effects & Instruments – Jordan Navarro]
[Drum Programming – Jordan Navarro & Nick Shann]

[Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Nick Shann]

[Logo & Artwork by Xenoyr (Ne Obliviscaris)]



all rights reserved



"Sculpt for me a sea of cosmos..."

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Track Name: Lachrymae Rerum
A precious gift, this mortal heart;
To feel a tear from deep within.
To taste a kiss for which must part;
To know the emptiness of sin.

Taste once more, pale skin.
Memorize every inch.

A distant place,
Ahead of time,
In which all things are revealed.
Bound within a pageless spine;
The words erased, the book is sealed.

Taste once more, a final breath.
Memorize her kiss.

Know that this is the last time.
Know there is no forever.
Take all the time you can.
For this has already passed.

I remember every moment, as if etched into the world;
Precious gifts too often ignored.
I still feel every sensation of flesh, every gentle breath, every quivering lip bathed in sunset.
I still feel the warm sun, dying in the sky,
Cradled by the shrouding darkness of the night.
I still feel the rays of morning light
Caressing the flesh of all life.

A pale wind deceives the innocent and their enlivened dream.
A true loves kiss binds the time to freeze in memory.
A wretched scowl adorns the faces of unfortunate fates.
From lover’s arms torn the dream, weaved and misbelieved.

From divinity is bred the sickly, severed mortal fiend.
In their image wrought the fatal, final misguided dream.
An earthly poison for which there exists no single cure.
Now burning in the flames of our destined failure.

A mother made divine, a father waiting patiently;
A child's name decided, hope will be their empathy.
Inside the womb we find an unborn fetus, in now a tomb.
A prayer for mercy echoes inside an empty vacant room.

From desperation is bred a hopeless mortal fiend.
And has once again wrought the fatal, final misguided dream.
The poison spreads, for there exists no single, silent cure.
Destined to drown in the oceans of our failure.

In moments of uncertainty,
When all seems in vain,
Cherish every single misguided dream.
The thoughts of feeble minds.
The love of a fragile heart.
Come so close.
But go too far.

Time will pass on.
With or without us.
Cherish all there is.
Cherish all we are.
Track Name: Savior Solitude
O! Savior Solitude,
Soldier of Serenity,
Seek me out in the thickets of despair,
Surround my body; sink your teeth into my neck,
I have succumbed to your bludgeoning silence.

“Oh, my venom is swift; let the silence drown you.”

Savior Solitude,
I surrender myself to your serpentine embrace.
Strangle me in your shimmering coils,
Offer me your monolith hand, pull me from abandonment.

“My grip is everlasting; let me ease your pain.”

Protector of the desolate,
I have been frigid with desertion.
Craft for me a blinding sun to liquify the ice,
Sculpt for me a sea of cosmos,
Where I am as everyone.

Guardian of the unwanted,
Rip out the nails of my rejection.

“I am more radiant than the sun of suns...”

Plunge your claws into my chest,
Find a home there, in my heart.
You are the single one to hear it beat.

“...I am the spinner, and the web shall be spun.”

“I am your God and this is your rapture; your sorrow has always been my home.”

Savior Solitude,
Soldier of Eternity,
Stay by my side,
For there is no one else.
With my final breath,
I shall whisper only to you.

“I am your God and this is your rapture; your sorrow has always been my home.”
Track Name: My Father, My God
This is a revelation: I am waiting here to die.
Hanging and bloodied; the apple of my Father’s eye.
An ample carnal offering to forever sate his ire;
The emaciation of the soul, the evisceration of desire.

“But my children! My children, mourn not my battered flesh;
Cover thine eyes from the blood of reality;
In harmony and agony, my grace will guide you through;
To comfort you, within you; to punish you, become you.”

My eyes peel open, I’m met with a mirror of black;
This lack of divine, no light shining back.
Withering image of flesh and bone, earth and stone;
The cave has been opened, can I step outside?
The sun illuminates truth; I close my eyes.

“My children! My children, gather now around;
Bear witness to this martyrdom; the lamb of god,
Slaughtered on this maternal ground.
Stakes pierce the flesh, my blood is freed for you;
She drinks my blood for you!”

Why? Show me reason why my loving Father, so benevolent,
Requires the sacrifice of his only son.
What father desires the pain of his own spawn?

What love warrants the suffering of anyone?

I look to the crowd to seek their approval;
But they bark and they snarl and lust at my removal.
They condemn like Gods! Yet they wield no power.
And such is humanity; “Why embrace, when we can devour?”

I now am helpless, nothing, free; sunlight pours in;
Cosmic vastness, revelation;
Death, the only end.
Now that I can see, I close my eyes forever;
I feel that void; feel hysterical laughter.
I hear the voices of the dead, and the irony in their calls;
Now that they can see, there’s nothing to see at all.

My Father, my father, progenitor you cannot be;
This flesh is the summation of all that I am, all I shall ever be.
My Father, my God,
Why have you forsaken me?
Track Name: Eviscerate Divine
A painter in constant creation;
His palette blood, his brush violence.
With each pass of brush on canvas
A wound to his prophetic hand.

Instruments of progress are the tools demise;
The pinnacle of expression is death.
And his heart beats to passing brush;
A gentle touch to its rugged flesh.

As minutes lengthen into years,
He sees how his life has passed him;
Filled with longing, bathed in tears.

Circumspect bloodshed;
Profligate existence.

His work concludes, crafted in troth,
Being brutal and elegant both.
Order made from chaos and chaos from serenity.

The masterpiece is divine, destructive, but different than expected;
It cannot coexist with its maker;
And at the final stroke, art annihilates the artist.

As minutes lengthen into years,
He sees how his life has passed him;
Filled with longing, bathed in tears.

A dreamer,
A thinker,
All for naught.
Sustenance and meaning
Is all that he sought.

He will not be released
From the nightmare he's conceived.
There is no redemption for his soul
When destiny meets demise.
Twas not his nightmare in his art;
His art reflected who we are.